Public Art Project with Seoul Metro


I participated in the public art project for Seoul Metro within the theme of 'Imaginary world in Books'. 
The metro run from May 4th to June 3rd in Seoul. This is a brief record about the project. 

These are part of my very early sketches.
Ideas included a book-lover-monster who secretely lives in the subway,
personified seats and handles with dialogues printed on them,
interactive illustrations that invite people to be part of them
while seated or standing, and application of a variety of textures and patterns.

 It was discussed later that,
the images should be easily understood and accepted as the subway is used daily by the general public,
and the original objective was to create a space for children and families.
Thus, we selected world classics and Korean fairytales as the main themes of the project.

I and another illustrator(Kyungwon Huh) shared a carriage,
depicting stories of Peter Pan and Cinderella, and Korean fairytales respectively.