How Little Things Grow : Story of Circle

A yellow circle enters the new world of black and white - big and frightening. It begins to lose its shape and colour as it makes its way through. But after it meets the big warm yellow down the hole, the circle recovers, gaining back its original shape and colour. The little circle returns to the new world to find it had in fact been colourful and friendly.

When we encounter a new world, fear as well as flutter of excitement await as when we were small and vulnerable. Often, such fear distorts our perception of the world. However, everyone has something that gives them love and comfort. It could be families and friends, God or the nature,  or for some, even a small object. Whatever they are, they all help us recover and see the world as it is, in love. 

* This work has been on the shortlist for Nami Concour in 2015.